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A Clinical Study on the Learning Curves of Dental Students Over the Use of Intra Oral Scanners (2019)
Khaled Qasem Al Hamad
An In-vitro Investigation into the Effect of Ceramic Thickness and Resin Cement Shade on Final Color of Porcelain Laminate Veneers. (2019)
Ahed Moh''D Al-Wahadni
A Clinical Study on the Learning Curves of Prosthodontic Residents Over the Use of Intra Oral Scanner (2017)
Khaled Qasem Al Hamad
Smartphone addiction and its association with sleep quality and perceived stress among dental undergraduates in Jordan University of Science and Technology (2017)
Ola Barakat Al-Batayneh, Yousef Saleh Khader
Dentists' knowledge, practices and role in identifying signs of abuse and neglect: a multicenter epidemiologic study in the Arab region. (2016)
Ola Barakat Al-Batayneh