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The Drug Information Center (DIC) is the first hospital DIC In Jordan. The center adopts a dynamic strategic plan that aims to improve all health care staff knowledge on contemporary medicine use through answering drug related questions prepare protocols for appropriate drug use and support all clinical activities. Toward this end, we publish this website to support you wherever you are. Hope to contact us.
8/16/2018 11:27Drug Information Center
Clinical Pharmacists Activity Daily Documentation log- Sept-2015.docx
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Comparison New Oral Anticoagulants  With Warfarin.pdf
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Dialysis of Drugs.pdf
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Drug Dosing adjustment in obese patients.pdf
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Drugs contrandicated in pregnancy.pdf
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Drugs shouldn't be crushed manual.pdf
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Evidence of drug safety in pregnancy.pdf
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Get complete knowledge on Vaccinations and 2013 Recommended Immunization Schedules.pdf
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How to Select   Antibiotics in Celiac disease.pdf
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IV Potassium Phosphate Administration.pdf
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Neonatal parentral medications stability manual.pdf
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Oral Contraceptives.pdf
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Prescribing and Administration Guide for TENECTEPLASE.pdf
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Reactions to radiocontrast media and its managment.pdf
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Stability considerations for all dosage forms of drugs.pdf
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storage and stability for eye drops and ointments in KAUH.pdf
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Types of insulin products in KAUH.pdf
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Vaccines among patients who take Anti-Tumor necrosis factor.pdf
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Vitamin D products available in Jordan.pdf
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